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    Codec activation included in image

    Sir TImbit

      Hi all,


      Our school bought several lab licenses for Adobe Digital School collection--Photoshop/Premiere Elements 10 and Acrobat. I found Adobe's instructions on how to do a silent install for the software at http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/kb/silent-install-instructions-premiere-elements -4.html and that's worked. However, during testing, I noticed that when I try to render a test video as an mpeg, it comes up with a window prompting to activate a codec. It spits out a serial number, you go to Adobe's webpage, it generates an activation code, you paste that back into Premiere and activate the codec.


      All good, I guess. But the Adobe webpage clearly states that the codec activation is tied to the specifc computer being used. So how I do ensure all codecs are activated for the purpose of building a lab image? Our students do not have admin privileges--they're not local admins--so they can't make changes to the system. We want the students to be able to use the software without having to login with an Adobe ID all the time, etc, something which the silent install instructions say you can do with the volume license media....That seems to work, but what about codec activation?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since this is a user to user forum, and most users here do not (at least as far as I know from reading) work on other than a single computer, I think you will not contact Adobe about this


          Unless, of course, someone comes along who HAS done what you are trying to do

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I think you'll need to contact Adobe Tech Support with this one, Sir Timbit. I don't think us home users can  help you with it.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The CODEC and component Activation is usually done the first time that that CODEC, or that component is used, and is done seamlessly and transparently over an active Internet connection. In a computer lab situation, this would require active Internet for all machines, and as there are several components to Activate, such as the MainConcept CODEC's, would require that the user access each of those components, with the Internet connection was active.


              Now, I agree with Steve that a call to Adobe Customer Service would be in order. I would hope that there IS a way to activate the CODEC's and components on all of the lab's machines, without having to connect each to the Internet, then use ALL components in each installation. They should be able to help you.


              Good luck,



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                From a computer that has the mpeg2 feature activated copy the C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Common\Adobe\ARA\10.0\Repository2_0.db.