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    Flex Builder Bug

      When trying to open Flex Builder 2.0 I get the following dialog:
      "An error has occured. See the log file
      C:\............... \.metadata.log"

      And it shuts down.
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          I'm getting the same thing. I saw things like LOCK files on the build directory may cause this....but I deleted those and it still won't open. I also saw things about deleting a file called .snap in my documents/flex builder/metadata/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources but that didn't work either.

          All the blogs I see tell me to reinstall FB2 but that seems kinda ridiculous. Can someone from Adobe let us know if this is a known issue and is there a solution yet?
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            boxdoctor Level 1
            UPdate: I reinstalled FB2 and it did in fact work, however the issue seems to be with the plugins because I got a build/install error and it had something to do with the plugins...but it does load now....weird....strange....frustrating.....

            ...just want to throw it and go with Silverlight....haha.....thought I'd throw that little nibblet in there. No I don't feel like taking 18 steps to do what I can do in flex in 1....provided it loads up of course. Hope Adobe responds with some type of answer for us.