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    Select/Find All Tip

    SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

      I need a tip/trick on how to select all text boxes being used on a page in one fell swoop. I have to take a file that a client has built and select all text boxes and move to another layer. I thought I would be able to do this by using Find/Change, but cant figure out a way to do it this way. Am now trying to move with the InDesign Select Objects Script. But, it is not selecting all the text boxes. Dont know why. Far as I can tell evertthing is unlocked and master items overridden. Can anyone advise me on what I am missing here? Thanks.


      Hmm... Ok, I just found a thread on this forum that said it will only do one spread at a time, but the discussion was dated 2008. Does this still apply? Thanks, folks.