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    Writing MS Word Blob using cffile

      We are saving a MS Word document to our Oracle 10g database for retrieval later. When we select the blob and write the file, everything works fine as long as the word doc doesn't have images. If the word doc has images I get a message tell me that "The document name or path is invalid" even though they are not. For some reason it seems that the file encoding is thrown off by having image in the file. Any Ideas ? (Code posted below).
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          prschbxsters Level 1
          So, Again.. I fixed my own bug with no help from this community... but I will post the answer here for the greater good.

          Blobs have a buffer size defined in the CF Admin under the advanced tab of the datasource. Adjust this value to something more appropriate then 64k and it will work fine!
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            <newbie /> Level 1

            Sorry to hear that no one in this community was able to offer any suggestions.

            But it appears you are much more equipped with this advanced topic.

            By the way, CF Admin indicates the parameter as being a buffer and not a
            byte limit, although it is probably one in the same in this context.

            Did you also have to enable binary large object retrieval?

            Anyway, I would rather see this label changed to something like...

            Blob: max size in bytes

            Good find and thank you for posting the solution.