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    Want laptop with CUDA & Firewire for Prem 6


      A)  Most of the new laptops I've seen are all USB3 & NO FIREWIRE. I have Sony Z1 & Z5 cameras and would like to be able to edit in the field or overnight between shoots. These cameras output video via Firewire.


      There do seem to be good options for a hefty laptop with NVIDIA cards, but not finding Firewire so far. They are no good if I can't get the footage into the computer.

      Sony video camera tech help say make sure I get laptop with Firewire. Sony laptop online chat had everything until I needed firewire.

      Maybe if laptop has a SLOT I can add a card for firewire? Also want HD screen... details, details.


      B) If I changed to NXCAM or XDCAM, do I assume there is a USB or USB3 adaptor box to copy files to computer from the cards?


      ANY IDEAS?