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    Printer using TIFF format?

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      What should I think about a printer who will convert the PDF I give him into a TIFF to format before printing. I think this is because he uses Publisher (I think). Should I be concerned?


      I can tell you he's giving me a great price, but the four proofs he have me are not good in terms of alignment across spreads or borders being equal. I could go full bleed for 50 cents more but while that eliminates the border issue I'm not sure it solves the alignment issue. He said he rushed to get my proofs done and can do better. It's hard, he says, to manage printing so that opposite pages that print as spreads are hard to get aligned since the paper moves some while printing. It almost sounded like he has to stand at the printer and nudge each sheet as it prints.


      Am I getting a straight story or should I find another printer?