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    How can I batch delete "test" responses?


      Or do I have to delete each row one at a time?  I tried the "Clear Contents" and "Clear All" in the Edit drop down, and those accomplished nothing.

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          You can select more than one row by holding down the Shift key while clicking on the row number on the left of the table. In the screen shot below, I clicked on a cell in the first row then shift-clicked on the number "3", in the area highlighted in red.



          You can then delete the rows by selecting the Table | Delete Rows menu item.




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            GregEW2 Level 1

            Wow--thanks for such a quick response, Brian!


            And also I should know by now not to over-think when I get into using a

            new product.  Maybe that shift-click and control-click selecting works

            everywhere like all the other hundreds of conventions I've grown

            accustomed to using for decades!