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    long avchd (mts) clips import without audio; my experience


      Hey I'm not going to jump into the bickering on the other thread about this but I just want to present this as it suddenly popped up for me.  I'm on a deadline today to output a compression of an intervew and I use premiere largely because it sees these AVCHD natively, but now that I've been able to rely on it I got comfortable and started shooting longer clips;  some close to 30 minutes or more.

         I've been using it this way for a while and it's been fine but today it won't play the audio on any of them in a new interview.  For one it did for a second but it's not doing any of the 'converting' in the yellow bar in the corner, the audio is just gone.  It plays outside (in VLC) just fine but in premiere it won't do it.  It looks like it's because it's a "spanning" clip based on other things I've seen here.  My camera has no limit but it looks like it does break up longer clips into two and the second of the 'span' is silent.  After much opening and closing the first one plays sometimes but it's very inconsistent.  something about this long clip has confused it about all the clips on the card.


      before anyone responds I have copied the ENTIRE file structure into a folder on a external drive that I use for edit media and imported properly from the media browser as I've done a thousand times before with no problems. 

        I'm totally stumped here on this one, though.  For now I'm using an alternate camera angle without my clean audio (but working audio), but eventually I have to have that angle working.  is there a fix/update on the way for it?  A solid workaround to use it as it is? (renaming, making some audio clip from it somehow?)


      oh, I'm working with a 2011 macbook pro with 16gb memory up to date CS6 (6.0.0), os 10.7.4

      files are from a GH2 camera 1080 24p all copied in their clean file structure.  also "view as" avchd is totally dead with these, view as file directory helps make one of them play, but the second half of it is always dead.


      I do lots of interviews so part of why I went with the GH2 over Canon is the absence of a clip length, but apparently now it's premiere that can't handle the length;  very frustrating.  Maybe a deal breaker down the road, much as I didn't want to do final cut X. 

      thanks in advance for any help or update (pleeeease update version! I thought that was the big deal with 'cloud' is regular small fixes)