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    Bind XML data to PDF417 barcode - LiveCycle Designer ES


      Trying to create a shipping form for a supplier that contains a PDF417 barcode.  The source data will come from an XML data file.  The form in not interactive, the data file will simply populate the pdf form, read-only via a Coldfusion program that queries our shipping data.  But I'm not quite able to connect the dots.  Does anyone know how to supply the data in the correct format within the XML doc?  It consists of 5 fields / row, with 10 rows max.  I'm unclear because the barcode software previously used embedded control chars within the data, such as record separators, group separators, and end of transmission.  Do I need to include these for LiveCycle?  As you've probably already guessed, yes, I do not use LiveCycle much at all. 


      I'm using LiveCycle ES2 version 9

      Any advice is much appreciated.  Thanks!