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    Where are the patch updates to download for Macromedia MX?


      Yes, I know it's old but I bought this almost 10 years ago and never did use it much. We're talkin Flash MX (Flash Professional 6 (not CS6)), Freehand MX (Freehand 10), and Dreamweaver MX (Dreamweaver 6), and Fireworks FX.


      I'll definately be using Flash FX (old set of Flash library content I bought) and possibly Freehand 10, unless Microsoft Expressions Design does a better job than Freehand 10.


      Today the software is fast and I'll be using it alot more. I'd like to patch the software but otherwise it works fine.


      No I don't need it to do inane flash ads hawking mortage refinancing or 'one weird trick' to go to some website so they can rip me off.