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    Can I target a spot on a background image as a scalable, active link?


      I'm using a background image in the BODY section of the HTML. The CSS settings for the BODY are:

      background-attachment: fixed

      background-image: url

      background-repeat: no-repeat

      background-size: cover

      height: auto

      padding: 0px

      position: relative

      width: auto


      The parent element CONTAINER has its position set to absolute. In this way, the background image scales (mostly well) as the browser window scales.


      I'd like to taget items in that background image to act as the navigation links for the site. i.e. a camera or a keyboard. As the background image scales, the relative position of the link has to move and scale as well.


      I can get some of the scaling to work properly in Live Design mode in CS6, but none of it works when I view it in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.