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    Blank spaces


      How do I remove blank spaces between the fields, i.e. I removed the lines and page break and cannot get the information on the pages to line up under each other; what I'm getting is 3/4 blank page, then the survey continues.

      Any ideas before I have to re-type it all?

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          rdolgov Adobe Employee

          Can you please send a screenshot of the problem? Do you see empty space on authoring and on fillable side?




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            MyStreetUSA Level 1

            Sorry, don’t know how to post PPT in the forum – the 3 questions are:


            1.     Blank spaces, slides 1 & 2


            Form layout is correct on the web


            Pdf form forced ¾ page blank space




            2.     Login pages, slides 3 & 4


            After log-in an error page inserts which switches to the adobe forms home

            page after 1-2 seconds




            3.     Adding a company email return address, slide 5


            How do I add company email address to show in From response




            Thank you for your help!


            Kristi Grogan

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              rdolgov Adobe Employee

              Hi Kristi,


              Can you please send me the slides via email: rdolgov@adobe.com so i better understand the questions. And if possible can you also send me the form design file (you can export via File->Export Design File... menu).


              In general, PDF layout can be different from Web layout because of different page split. You  can use Page View in the Design Tab to see how fields would be divided into the pages.




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