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    Why won't my .wav files show up in a 3rd party sound application after being exported as an omf file


      Hi all, I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer, so hopefully someone out there will have mercy and help me!


      I have Canon 7D footage (h.264 codec) and H4N Zoom audio (24bit 48khz .wav files) loaded into Premiere Pro CS 5. Editing on a Macbook Pro OS 10.6.8.  I haven't added timecode. 


      My workflow, which I've done successfully several times in the past, is to sync the footage by creating individual sequences for each take (usually interview takes) and then bring in the audio and video and manually line/sync them up.  I then link the two clips. 


      I then create a new sequence for my edit and then cut parts of the previously synced clips and then paste them into the sequence and edit away.  After locking I export an omf (48khz, 24 bit, files as separate audio, aiff files, with 24frame handles).  Then I import the OMF into Soundtrack Pro.


      However this time, the majority of the sound clips do not show up in Soundtrack Pro timeline even though they are present in the omf folder as Aiff files.  Normally you would think this was an issue with Soundtrack Pro, however one audio file did show up in Soundtrack Pro, but it was a sound file I had not linked to a video clip.  Upon further investigation I found that that the audio clip that was not synced retained it's STE-014.wav name in the Premiere timeline.  All the other audio I had synced to video had somehow taken on the video clip's MVI 0075 name.


      I checked my old projects (the ones that I successfully exported to OMF) and even when I synced the audio and video, the audio retained it's STE.wav name. I don't know why the names changed; I did a test in my current project by cutting and pasting a synced clip at the end of the edit timeline and the audio retained it's  STE.wav name.  See pic.





      After further tests, if the audio retains it's STE name it shows up in Soundtrack Pro (and Soundbooth as well), if it takes on the video MVI name it doesn't.  I've tried exporting as an AAF and a Final Cut Pro XML file and it still doesn't work.  I've tried unlinking and relinking the clips as well as making the audio offline and then relinking but still nada.  I also cleaned the media cache to no avail.


      If I render and replace the audio in the edit timeline, the name doesn't change, but the audio file does show up in Soundtrack Pro and Soundbooth, but unfortunately I need handles to edit the sound so this doesn't help me much. 


      Any ideas?  and thanks!