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    InDesign CS 6 PDFs with Helvetica Neue Broken in OS X 10.7 Preview?



      I've been struggling for the last 24 hours with a wicked InDesign CS6 problem. I've found a workaround, but it's unsatisfying to need one, and I'm looking for some guidance.

      Here's what happens.

      When I create a document in InDesign CS6 that uses Helvetica Neue Regular and Bold—these are System fonts in OS X—and output a PDF using any print setting—I'm using OS X 10.8.—the PDF doesn't work in Lion OS X 10.7's Preview application: The text is exploded all over the pages. The PDF displays fine in Preview in Mountain Lion 10.8, and in Snow Leopard's Preview, just not Lion's. which is, of course, what most of my fellow employees are using. I even made a new a new blank document in ID into which I typed an 18 pt Helvetica Neue Bold heading and two 10 pt Regular parapgraphs, made a PDF, and saw it also explode in Lion Preview.

      I've spent hours cleaning up fonts, caches, reinstalling ID, etc, but nothing worked. What I finally figured out was that opening an ID CS6 PDF in Mountain Lion Preview, making a duplicate, and then saving the duplicate, created a PDF that opens fine in Lion. I got the idea after realizing that Apple's TextEdit app made perfectly fine Lion PDFs. It got me thinking that Apple would've been very likely to beta-test their Mountain Lion PDFs in Lion's Preview.

      This is, of course, a pretty inelegant workaround for something that's probably going wrong in InDesign.

      I'm desperate for some ideas. As I said, I've tried lots of things, but please don't be shy with suggestions.