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    what is the difference between adobe flash player and adobe shockwave player?

    susie margaret

      hello, all --


      first, i am a newbie of long standing , and i apologize for my ignorance.  i hope the kind and gracious people here will have mercy.


      second, i am cross-posting this Q in the "adobe flash player" forum.  if it is not appropriate to post in more than one forum at a time, please tell me, then put this inquiry wherever you think it most applicable.


      i ask about the difference between these two applications because i have been trying to install a newer version of flash player; i have 11.4.402.265 and am aiming for 11.4.402.278.  somehow, tho, i got directed into installing shockwave player instead.  (i've had some other problems too, but they are relatively different, so i'll address them in a separate discussion.)


      right now i just need to know whether i've wrecked my computer, if i should try to undo what i've done, what have i done, should i or does if it matter if i have both of these programs on my computer at once, and any other issues that more knowledgeable people can tell i need to be asking about but am too tech-unsavvy to know to include.


      thanks for whatever help anyone can provide.   i am on a dell optiplex 330, windows pro XP/SP3, IE 8.0.6001.18702.


      -- susie margaret