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    Creating numbered/bulletted text in Photoshop.

    surfotw10 Level 1

      Hello I was wondering if it is posible to create numbered/bulleted text in photoshop, with indentation as it is done in MS Word.


      I tried the paragraph palette but I cannot do indentation per single line:


      I wanted to do something like this:


      Just something like the text that appears to the left of the image of that house. The image displayed shows the various components of a water distribution system for a single home which collects rain water and deposits it in a storage tank. The only text that I have written in photoshop is the title and the web address.


      This is for some course notes but I wanted to replace the original scanned text (which is in dark blue) for some photoshop text in black colour. But I want the text with the same indent format. Can this be done in Photoshop?


      Could anyone please help?

      Thank you for reading my inquiry.