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    Is there a reason for me to buy Acro 10?

    PeytonT Level 1

      Something I sorely need Acrobat to do is not provided in Acrobat 9, and I'm wondering whether Acro 10 can do it. Specifically, I'm continually building multiple long  documents with very large numbers of video clips in them, for all of which I want the SAME parameters every time (floating window, stay open forever, etc.).At present (Acro 9) I must enter all the parameters again and again for every single clip. This could be solved if any of the following were true:


      - If Acro 10 has a way to enable me to provide these parameters as DEFAULTS so I don't have to re-enter them; or...


      - If Acro 10 has a macro language such that I could record a keystroke macro (better yet, enter appropriate commands in an editor) to set all these parms (essentially what the dialogs now do laboriously), where I could just fire it off with a single key combination like Alt+A or whatever.


      Would Acro 10's Javascript enable something like this? I've never used it but I've written lots of Javascript for web pages. Do I miss my guess that your Javascript is only for responding to pre-arranged events triggered by the reader of the resulting PDF? I'm talking here about design time.


      (Up to now my best solution has been AutoHotkey, a macro language for Windows in general, but I'm hoping you have something built in that's easier. AutoHotkey does not always adapt to particular details of each situation.)


      - A partial solution would be if I could do major editing to PDF files after they're built instead of just the puny touch-up function. This is academic writing, which tends to require major editing and re-editing. As it is, I have to get every document nearly perfect before I undertake the laborious process of inserting all the video.


      Thanks for your help.