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    Premiere Pro Crashing on opening project because of Dynamic Link w/AE


      I can no longer open my project because of an issue with Dynamic link.
      Premiere gets stuck on an "Import After Effects Project" window (actually it looks like its trying to open hundreds of those windows.)
      I was having issues with Dynamic link so I disabled all my after effects clips and rendered the AE sequences out, then imported those into Premiere.


      Shortly after I did this my roommate accidentally knocked my firewire out of my imac and now I can't open the project anymore.


      I'm using a 3.06 Ghz i3 dual core 4gb DDR3 Imac.  I realize that this is a slow machine for the work i'm doing but it was running fine until this whole firewire incident.
      I really need to be able to open this project so any thoughts would be great.


      Thank you,


      Erick W.