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    "error in script on this page" while trying to install adobe flash player 11.4.402.278

    susie margaret

      hello, all --



      i am a newbie of long standing , so please forgive my ignorance.  i plead for mercy from the kind and generous people who answer inquiries here.



      i got a notice on my computer that a newer version of adobe flash player was available.  the one i had at the time was 11.4.402.265.  the newer version was 11.4.402.278.  i got to where i thought was the right place and clicked "download."  within a few seconds i got a message saying that a "script error" had occurred on the page and did i want to continue running this script.


      -- line 1

      -- char 12948

      -- error, object expected

      -- code 0

      -- URL


      it doesn't seem to matter whether i click "yes" or "no" on continuing to run the script.  the next thing that happens is that i get a second "script error" notice.



      -- line 1

      -- char 1180

      -- error, 'globalActiveActionItems' is undefined

      -- code 0

      -- URL



      it doesn't matter whether i click "yes" or "no" on whether i want to keep running the script.  the screen reverts to saying that it is "retrieving install," then i get the second "script error" message again.  and to make things worse, i can't get rid of the "retrieving install" screen; it has the minimizer button and the "quit" button (x), but the "quit" button does nothing, so for now i've simply minimized it.


      what has happened here?  what should i do to fix it?  i've tried going back to the beginning and redoing it, but i end up over and over again with the second "script error" message.  i've tried making sure that "scripting" is "enabled" under "tools/internet options/scripting," then closing and reopening internet explorer (a suggestion i found in a similar thread), but the same things keep happening.


      i am on a dell optiplex 330, windows pro XP/SP3, IE 8.0.6001.18702.



      thanks to anyone who has any suggestions for me.



      -- susie margaret


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