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    Weird numbering layout in output

    schneffi Level 1

      Hello dear community members and helpers :-)


      I have a weird problem with my layout concerning numbering/enumeration. In RoboHelp itself and in the preview everything is fine. I tested the output in all available browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) and by using several layouts, but the same issue all the time. Have a look:



      You can see that all lines after the first line are indented by some px, but changing the indention does not work.


      This issue occured when something went wrong with the css stylesheet (we use the Mercurial versioning and sometimes the old version is taken...but we are already into this...). I checked the stylesheet and compared it to an older version and everything seems to be fine. There might be something else with the indention that can be changed, but I don't have clue what this could be.


      I'd be grateful if somebody has a solution for this issue.