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    Problem in creating .ipa file in Flex builder 4.5.1 flex mobile project

    Roy Pradipta


                     I have created a flex mobile project and selected the targeted platform as iOS. Then I followed the guide in the link below

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/mobileapps/WSa8161994b114d624-33657d5912b7ab2d73b-7fe3.ht ml#WSe4e4b720da9dedb5-7f7483ed12ee0faf40f-7fff


      to create the .ipa file to be installed in iPhone. But Flex builder is not creating the .ipa file even after long wait. It remians in the mode of 'processing'. I have created the certificate and provisioning file and included them and also issued the password for the certificate before the 'processing' begun. Is there anything I am missing? Any kind of light in this regard would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

      Pradipta Roy