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    xfdf supporting java library for xfa form provided by Adobe ?

    Imran1980 Level 1

      I had been working to find that how we can handle the newer xfdf format and explored many pdf libraries including Apache PDFBox and iTtext.

      While exploring I found that the underlying architecture for the pdf  itself could be either Xfa (composed in livecyle designer)  or Acroform(composed in acrobat tool). The forms available with us are third party provided form and  are Xfa forms.



      Acroforms are properly supported in all these libraries but I see very less support for Xfa.


      Is there any java liberaries provided by Adobe to work with xfdf format in Xfa Forms ?



      I heard about LiveCycle ES3 server and was wondering if it could be of any use in my scenario. Can some one explain how to use jar files in standalone application .  I explored the  livecycle forms api but could not figure out how it may be used ?


      We are a potential buyer for this product if it works. Please also provide the contact details to get more information about the product features and licencing.




      Shah Imran Alam