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    Motion Tracking - with little Data/Content?




      Motion tracking works a treat on almost all our videos, but on this one I have come unstuck a little!.


      See: http://screencast.com/t/RPF5OlC7


      It is a shot which pans from right to left and has 3 of these tubes in shot. I want one word text to appear ontop of each barrel as it pans past. Usually I would but the tracking point far over to the left and then assign the text to it, then drag the text far right (or vise versa depending on pan direction). With this shot though there is nothing that the tracker can 'catch' onto.


      Is it possible to put a layer in which follows the orignal movie clip in terms of pan which I can put a big red dot on for the tracker to follow and then delete it after the tracking has been completed as desired?


      Searched and searched but cant find anything on this subject.






      *Should note - am using the CS6 motion tracker - no plugins