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    Import and use custom Illustrator Symbol Library in Photoshop?

    koen van niekerk Level 1

      I would like to import and use my own (project-specific) Illustrator Symbol Libraries in Photoshop


      Background info

      - I create BIG amounts of assets (for UI design) in Adobe Illustrator which I save as Symbols.

      - I store these symbols in a custom symbol library so I can re-use them in a different file

      - Reason A: to be able to re-use these symbols within the Illustrator file to visualize different "interaction flows" to my clients

      - Reason B: I use vector assets because they allow me to accomodate for different screen resolutions in the future



      A:  I would like to be able to open the same symbol library I created in Illustrator in Photoshop and drag the symbols onto my Photoshop canvas

      B:  If I change a symbol in Illustrator it should be updated in my Photoshop file



      - Does anyone know of a way to do this? A work-around, a plugin or a Script would be fine too...


      regards, Koen