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    Error when I do an insertLabel() on a PageItem


      Hi everyone,


      When I want to do an insertLabel() on a PageItem thanks to these lines of code:

        var vIdLabel:String = vPageItem.id.toString();

        vPageItem.insertLabel("id", vIdLabel);

      The variable vPageItem is not null and it is valid. Also the vIdLabel is not null and contain a value like "251".


      With these lines of code I get this error: "Invalid value for parameter 'value' of method 'insertLabel'. Expected String, but received null."


      Someone can help me or have already encountered this error ?


      Here I give you the CSSDK Documentation for insertLabel() on a PageItem.


      insertLabel(keyParam:String = null, valueParam:String = null):void

      Sets the label to the value associated with the specified key.


      Thanks you for your response,

      Mikaël Chevalier - Aquafadas