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    CS5.5 :: Web document :: default [Black] CMYK error

    thomas olbrich Level 1

      If I change InDesigns default color swatches with NO doument open – f.i. by adding a cmyk Gray as a tint of [Black] –  than any new InDesign Web document does not contain RGB but CMYK swatches only, default [Black] included.


      Unfortunately in such a documents' exported RGB PDF any black text appears "flickering", a PDF-check with Acrobats eye-dropper tool shows such pure black as multicolered, not plain – different to a cmyk pdf from that same document.


      Though the JS script line

      app.activeDocument.colors.everyItem().properties = {space:ColorSpace.RGB}

      does switch the color space of any plain swatch from CMYK to RGB, unfortunately a documents default [Black] can not be altered from one color space to another.


      I can repeat this unwanted behave of InDesign on a fresh app installation / after log-in as a new user on my computer: At first any Web document color swatch is defined as RGB, default [Black] included – as soon the default swatches set got altered (with no document open) any further new web document contains RGB swatches only.


      I do appreciate any help to fix/avoid the occurence of default [Black] to be CMYK in a web document. – Or the confirmation that this is irrreparable in my document / a bug in CS55.


      OSX 10.6.8 / CS5.5,


      Thank you!,

      - thomas