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    Use of Flex in future

    Maximist Level 1

      Hallo. Html5 will totally replace Flex in about 2 years in building RIA. For what Flex will be still useful then?.. Desktop Applications?.. Will it be useful and used from many future companies or its destiny is to die totally?? what is the future use of flex?


      Thx to everyone



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Over in Apache Flex, the community is planning to explore cross-compiling Flex to HTML5 and other targets.

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            Maximist Level 1

            First of all, thx for the answer.. It is good to know that.. I hope they will reach the target soon.



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              megharajdeepak Level 1

              I just hope it happens soon! Everything in flex is so good and just because of flash player, it shouldn't be coming to it's end.

              Just like how we currently have mobile app conversions from AIR to ipa, apk, I hope we can soon convert web apps to HTML5 on click of a button.


              I just browsed through the apache flex community site as well. Good to know that gems like you and Peter Ent are part of that community I reckon it's in safe hands...



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                AlexAAM Level 1

                Flex is a great framework, it dont deserves to die, it allows to many developers (like me)   create amazing software for the web. maybe its interface is a few heavy for some movil devices like said steve jobs but it is work great in other devices. of course that it is not perfect but its very powerful and easy to learn when compared with others frameworks, i think that any one interested in push forward the web must be ineterested in make flex better so all the web community will be benefited of it.