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    Bug? Frame moves after placement. IDCS6


      I've been using IDCS6 for about 2 weeks now and I've noticed that often when I'm moving a frame with a linked graphic in (by clicking on it with the selection tool and dragging the mouse) and snap it to some guides/smart guides, I'll place it and suddenly it will shift from where I've placed it.


      I've done a bit of testing and it seems to happen inbetween me letting go of the mouse button and the frame contents re-drawing itself. If I move my mouse in this time period the frame shifts to the new mouse position. I would expect ofcourse for the position to be used of when I lift my mouse button and for any subsequent movement of the mouse whilst the frame is redrawing its contents to be ignored.


      I have tested this on 2 Macs which both show the same behvaiour (both running OSX 10.8 ML).


      I have also done a test in CS4 (which I just upgraded from) and it does not have this quirky behaviour. I also notice that CS4 redraws the contents of the frame considerably quicker.


      Is anyone else experinceing this/confirm the behaviour? Is it a bug?


      PS - If what I'm describeing isn't clear I can do a screen cast!