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    mac flakeyness


      does anyone else notice that people using mac computers can't submit forms?


      they hit the submit button, nothing happens.  No confirmation, no response submitted.


      That will make this product unacceptable to me.

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          Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

          A large number of us on the FormsCentral engineering team work exclusively on Mac computers. We've never seen a problem with submitting from Macs. Would you please post a link to a form where you're experiencing this issue. And may we have permission to try submitting to it? Finally, could you please provide your operating system version and browser type and version?




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            leemorrison Level 1

            Hi Shannon - that's what I would assume.  I sent this form

            <https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=yonpcnNZI4bFT1xR8hMm7w>  to about 250

            email addresses and received 30 responses, so far (the deadline is 10/15). 




            2 people replied to me via email that they didn't get a confirmation and

            questioned if I received a response.  I didn't.  These people aren't

            particularly sophisticated computer users but, the only thing in common is

            that they both use macs - I can ask for additional details if you think that

            will help.  On the other hand, at least one of the responses I did receive

            was from a mac user - so, it's confusing.   As I provided both a link to the

            form and attached a copy of the pdf, both of these users opened the attached

            pdf and hit the submit key (or at least they said they did!).  This form is

            send to a very diverse group but I need it to work for all. 




            Here are details from one of the users:


            Subject: Re: Storage form




            Hi Lee,




            Did not get that response. I pushed the button at the bottom of the

            PDF and nothing happened. (tried it again - same result), however this was

            using the Mac default PDF application called "Preview".  It normally works

            for this type of feature, but I will try it again using Adobe PDF Reader...

            stand by.






            Nope. I tried it using Adobe Reader 10.1.4 for the Mac and the button did

            nothing. I then opened it in Windows XP using Adobe Reader 7.0.  Same





            What's up?






            Any advice appreciated.  Please try using the form to see if I have

            configured something incorrectly.  Use Test in the name field so I can

            remove the entries later.




            Thank you


            Lee Morrison


            (203) 644-6363

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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee

              That is the problem. Preview doesn't properly support submitting PDF forms. User must use the free Adobe Reader for the Mac to submit.

              If they saved the form using Preview before opening in Reader that probably broke the submit button.