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    Auto fill with Drop-Down box selection

    Teresa 2016 Level 1

      I create several forms that utilize a drop-down box.  When the selection is made, it auto fills data in the forms (address, city, state, etc.).  However, now I need to have two drop-down boxes.  One box with our corporate addresses and another with vendor addresses and other individual information.  \


      Here is the code that is used in the Format Category of the Drop-Down Box:




      if (event.value=="")





      Here is the code that is used in the Document JavaScrips: (SetFieldValues)


      var DeptData={Company1: {company:"Company ABC", address:"123 Main St", city:"Las Vegas", state:"NV", zip"12345"},



      function SetFieldValues(cDeptName)








      the code continues with more of the required data.  I code works well for one drop-down box.  How can I change this to incorporate 2 drop-down boxes?  I tried changing the Com in both the drop-down code and the Document Java Script to Vendor. The only thing that changed was only allowing me to change on drop-down box and not the other. 


      The vendor code will eventually contain information for hundreds of vendors.  Do you know of a way to incorporate both drop-downs or any other suggestions on how this can be accomplished?


      I am using Adobe Professional 9