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    RH 9 hangs when creating WebHelp from an RH 8 file


      I opened several files which had been created using RH8 on our newly acquired RH9. They all appeared to upgrade successfully. I then went into RH9 to Generate/Publish these files to ensure that all the data was there.


      All files then successfully Generated/Published except for one. RH9 stalled on the Generating WebHelp popup whilst "Updating files...". I tried this for both Generating and Publishing and the same occurred for both, with the green progress bar stopping in the same place each time.


      Cancel was not available and clicking X on the popup gave me the windows "End Program" popup telling me that the 'program is not responding'. Clicking the End Now button then closes RH9.


      Is there anything particular I should check in the file in question? The fact that the other files don't have a problem suggests that it's this file and not the environment etc. Is there anywhere to look to see what the problem actually is?





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          NtotheT Level 1

          Fixed now. Removed all the sub-directories for the project at fault. Added each sub-directory one at a time, Generating/Publishing before adding the next one. When the G/P failure re-appeared that would identify the sub-directory at fault. Managed to add them all back in with none of them failing.

          Don't know why it didn't work, don't know what's happened to make it work now, but it does look as though it's back as it should be.