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    File keeps turning colors, pixelating when adding content or scrolling down


      Dear all,

      I have a problem with my file - for some reason the background, which I have inserted from Photoshop keeps pixelating and turning to a bright green, whenever I add things to the file. When I started out working on it it did not, but the more I add the more it turns and I can not get it to turn back. It starts in Patches and then spreads throughout the document, I don´t know how to better describe it. I´m adding a screenshot, maybe you can help me. The green you see in the middle is the one it is supposed to be. In this shot it just started turning and will then spread. It is worse when a photo is involved, because then the photo uses will also turn colors.


      Really hoping someone knows what went wrong.


      Kind regards!


      A. 1.png