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    Help with FPS/Sequence settings/liquid picture..

    Tommy Jay M3dia

      Hi Everyone,


      This is my first question on this forum though i use Premiere Pro quite alot. Now, to my issue. I'm working on a documentary, and i screwed up. I got the video as a tiff sequence, which i expored through premiere as a 1080p ProRes file. When I imported the frames, premiere automatically predetirmined that they're 29.97 fps. I exported, cut them up by scenes, and then did a first draft of color correction. Later on, i was told that the whole movie is at 25fps, and that I have to redo everything (a week of work). Now, my question is if there is a way to go back and somehow redefine the frame rate, so that i don't have to redo the individual cuts and color correction. It's 72 minutes, so I really don't want to redo everything manually. I know it's an amateur thing to do and i regret it, I tried to slow the sequence down to make it 25 fps, but that doesn't let the image be fluent/liquid and just looks fake. Anyone?