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    loadVariables not working from a web page

      I have an odd problem- and perhaps I know why it's happening, but I am not sure how to fix it. I created a little flash application that sends email for a contact form-- very straightforward. I followed a tutorial online that sets up a couple of variables and then calls loadVariables("mailer.php",this,"POST"); ... the php script is a simple file that just sends an email w/ the variables sent to it.

      After a little trail and error, I got this to work when I upload the swf and the php file to a web server. So I figured everything was working fine, because when i go to the SWF directly (like put that address into my browser) it works. BUT when I embed the swf in an html page and go to send the email nothing happens- nothing is sent, no error message is generated... nothing. Can load variables not load a page when it's embedded in another page... am I crazy? I am certain I am hitting the same file when it's loaded by itself and loaded through the embedded page.

      Thank you