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    Plugin Detection

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      Why would Adobe have the best way to detect the installed version of the Non IE Flash Plugin via detection of the NPSWF32.dll and its version and then change that file to now being version specific, re. NPSWF32_11_4_402_278.dll


      It is almost as good as having the two Uninstall registry locations, one referencing Adobe Flash Player Plugin or to the actual product code of {8C27E4F1-9CE6-4C32-ADBB-D51CD226649E}. It is almost like you guys have 5 different people building the packages there.. And then to have the 10.x line being 32bit only, then the early 11.x line being 32 and 64bit and now going back to a sinlge MSI/EXE for 32bit and 64bit...


      Not to mention that you have the installation listed as 11.4.402.278, but when you install it, the add remove programs DisplayVersion is 11.4.402.267. And if you install the exe version of the plugin, the display version ends in .278 and if you use the MSI the displayversion ends in .267. And if you goto the flash about page online, it shows the version ending in .278.


      I wish you guys would make up your mind as to how you are going to build your installations..



      Better yet, you guys are not even carrying over the same product ID so detection of the installed version based on the productid is a fruitless effort since just to put it in perspective the productid of flash plugin for the MSI was {B2883418-71EB-4F63-97AB-222C67E99358}, which as you can see from the earlier paragraphs is not even close t being the same... Nice Job...


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