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    Why do arrow keys stop working with type in CS6

    T-Peloton Level 1

      I searched this issue and found many forums discussing the topic, but no solution. When using PS CS6, the arrow keys randomly stop working when navigating around in text. This is extremely frustrating. Per other discussions, and my experience, there doesn't seem to be a constant trigger. Saving the PS file when it happens SEEMS to fix it - at least temporarily. It's been happening off and on since I upgraded.


      Adobe reps (they're say "employee") monitoring the photoshop.com forums suggested the fix is to close all other apps. No one works that way. Chrome (or other browsers) were speculated to be the cause. but I just had this happen without any browser open.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It's the simple things that cause the most frustration.


      Sysytem details:

      CS6 upgrade form CS5 Premium

      Lion 10.7.4 / 16G / i7 Intel

      Safari / Chrome

      MS Office

      Mac Mail

      FontAgent Pro