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    Can I somehow make the figure numbers of floating and inline/anchored figures consistent?

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      I have a book project with many diagrams (called "views"). Many of these are small enough to be inline and move with teh text flow when I edit the story. Some, however, are too large. A few I can still make anchored. But some, I can't anchor because e.g. they are so large that have to appear on a page of their own.


      InDesign numbers the captions in the caption paragraph style in the following order:

      - first the figures that are inline/anchored in the story

      - then the rest, as far as I can see on the basis of order of creation


      This gives a weird result. Something like figure 21, then figure 88, then figure 22, etc.


      Making all the figures floating is not an option. It would make the burden of editing (moving all the images when text is inserted at the beginning) prohibitive. Making them all anchored is impossible because some need to be on other pages than the text they are anchored to. Is there a workaround?