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    Premiere Pro CS6 Randomly Crashes During Preview




      I've searched and gone through various threads where crashing has been posted and none of the solutions have helped thus far. 


      There are two issues that I would encounter doing the most basic of tasks such as previewing a clip within Premiere Pro CS6:

      -  The preview screen will freeze and I am unable to see the video. 

      -  The program will cause my video driver to encounter a serious problem and recover. 


      Here are my specifications:

      Sony Vaio

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Operating System

      Intel Core i5 2.40ghz

      8 Gigs of Ram

      ATI Radeon HD 6470m Graphics Card


      The temporary solution to both that I have found effective is closing down the program, then opening task manager, ending the Adobe Premiere process and restarting Adobe Premiere.  If I don't do this then the program can't be opened. 


      Here are some of the solutions I've implemented without any positive changes:

      -  Ensured display driver / graphics card is updated (ATI Radeon HD 6470m)

      -  Closed all other programs

      -  Couldn't change GPU acceleration because the video card doesn't allow it.

      -  Disabled Hover Scrub


      I've spent a few days researching this and I'm very sorry for posting a question in regards to this issue.  However, I can't seem to find the help I need from Support because their phone system is down and I can't use the ticketing system because I'm using the Adobe Creative Cloud.  I would appreciate any help in advance.  Thank you.