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    Lens correction help needed: Nikon 14-24 used in model shoot...

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      I just finished a model shoot with 9 models standing in a horizontal line relative to the camera.  Because of the very short working distance I had to use a Nikon 14-24mm lens to fit everyone in, resulting in the end girls being noticeably distorted (unpleasantly "wide").  They certainly won't like that!


      I've opened the raw file in CR, but have not found settings for lens correction that fix this.  CR has the correct lens profile, but no matter how I play with the settings manually or automatically, things just don't look right.  Similarly, if I open corresponding TIFF in Filter -> Lens correction, I still run into the same issue.


      I've enclosed a sample out-of-the-camera image so you can what I'm talking about.  Hoping there's a way to correct the twp outermost girls w/o sacrificing those in the middle...  They are much slimmer than in the shot.


      Running PS CS 5.5 on Win7/64





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          Your photo did not contain the EXIF information nor did you mention the focal length and camera model used for the shot, but I gave it a try anyways. I tried CS6, Lightroom 4 and PTLens and I was not happy with the results. I was able to come up with a pretty decent correction using a photoshop plugin

          called DXO ViewPoint. My result is below.


          0614_LouLouLove-(LC-test) CS6 Forum.jpg

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            PLovka -


            Thank you for your time!!!!!  I had tried this in Nikon Capture and CS 5.5 and didn't like the results at all.


            I'm about to purchase and install DXO - would you be willing to let me know what setting(s) you used?


            Also - sorry to have not mentioned camera/lens info:

            Body: Nikon D3s

            Lens: Nikon 14-24mm, focal length was 18mm


            And...  I've updated a new version of the image containing EXIF info, in case you're willing to re-work this shot.


            Thank you again!!!




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              You're welcome Jerry.


              I tried your second posting pic in CS6, Lightroom 4 and PTLens and as before, I did not like the results. Kind of surprised me because I thought PTLens would nail it since you included the EXIF data. Anyways, I ran your pic through DXO ViewPoint again and I feel it nailed it even better than my first try. See my second try pic below...


              There are no setting's to pass on to you because it's automatic in a way. Again, I used the DXO Viewpoint CS6 plugin... I'm most positive it would be the same if you were to use the DXO Optics Pro version. In DXO ViewPoint, open your pic and in the upper right hand corner there is a section called "Anamorphosis". In Anamorphosis you will see two icons. Click on the first one called "Horizontal/Vertical" and presto chango, ViewPoint calculates and displays it's version of your image. Try it yourself on your full size images and I think you'll be pretty happy with the results. Oh, just in case, I'm not an employee or consultant with DXO. I'm only recommending it because it works for me.


              Good luck.


              0614_LouLouLove-(LC-test) version 2_DxOVP 2Try CS6 Forum.jpg

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                Hi Toasted


                I've seen the adds for the DxO Viewpoint and thought they had a great idea on their hands providing it as a Plug-in. However, I've been using the full DxO Optics Pro as my Raw file editor for a couple of years now, and ran your shot through that, and not the plug-in. 


                DxO Sample VA fixed.jpg


                Judging my my results, I think the full version is a more powerful tool; the "Volume Anamorphosis" correction in the full version is a semi-automated tool. Simply applying the correction at the initial automated setting still left me with some distortion in the models at either end, which was especially noticeable in the girl on the extreme right. However, I then manually tweaked the setting to the maximum available, to get the result above.


                Now, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and you can't get something for nothing, and the same applies here. What's actually happening is that the Volume Anamorphosis is being "corrected" by re-introducing a set amount of Barrel Distortion into the image, oh, and the image has also been cropped, which is most noticeable in the bodywork of the cars on the left and right, but this is unavoidable. It isn't too obvious here, but if you were to have strong horizontals or verticals in the image, you'd see the curvature in them very easily.


                Take a look at my own example below.


                IMG_3521 e-mail.jpg


                This was taken with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, and in the original the guitarist on the left, and the keyboardist on the right, both had the dreaded "squished head" effect! As you can see that's been fixed, but if you look at the pipes above the lights at the back, the line of the monitor cabinet at the lead singers feet, and the microphone stands, you can plainly see the curves... which is still infinitely preferable to distorted heads!


                Good luck


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                  I installed the DxO Optics Pro 7 app, and in looking through the various options, came across a setting that directly addressed what I was looking for.  I don't recall the exact menu item verbatim, but it basically corrected for groups of people in a wide-angle lens.  Applying that worked great; the trade-off was that you lose pixels as it compresses the left/right edges of the image back towards center.  That's something I can easily live with here, especially since we're not going to large format print.  If I have time, I'll post the before/after versions tomorrow so can see exactly what was produced.

                  Thanks for all the help and your time!!!


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                    I want to clarify my previous post to Jerry and to clear up any misunderstanding I may have given the readers of this post. This is not an argument with you or to suggest which version (CS6 ViewPoint plugin vs. Standalone Optics Pro) is better.


                    I responed to Jerry's question about "what setting's did I use" my first time around and I stated that I clicked on the "Anamorphosis Horizontal / Vertical" icon. I just did a quick and dirty to see if I could help. I want to make it clear to everyone that Viewpoint does offer tweeking sliders, but at the time I chose not to use them so I did not mention the sliders. My bad... I learned my lesson here...  I should have taken the time and gone into it a little deeper with my correction and expanation. As a matter of fact, if I were to correct these type of photo issues for myself using ViewPoint, I would not have only used the Anamorphosis tweeking sliders, but I would have used the "Keystoning Up and Down" sliders as well.


                    So again, sorry for misleading anyone through my lack of detail. I feel better now.

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                      Hi Philip


                      Thanks for the update, I was going to download the ViewPoint plugin just to check it out and see if it had the option to manually tweak the settings, but I got too busy and forgot all about it 'til I saw this post!


                      Looks like DxO could have a winner on their hands!


                      All the best