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    Cs6 lighting effects crash

    dan5530 Level 1

      CS6-64bit lighting effects crashing my computer 30 to 50 seconde into using. Strange digital artifacts following the cursor before crashing. I have plenty of RAM-8 gigs. It worked  ok the firstt few times using.

      I'm using windows 7 on a Asus I7 laptop with ATI Radeon grafics. plenty powerful. Is there an a adobe down load fix for this problem?  Thanks Dan5530

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          conroy Level 5

          Check for the latest driver for your graphics card. Usually its best to get it from the card maker but often laptop drivers have to be got from the laptop maker.

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            skysimone11 Level 1

            I am having the same problem.

            I am using a brand new ASUS G75 and it's the absolute top of the line of gaming laptops so it's not a driver issue! HELP

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              skysimone11 Level 1

              This is very disappoining that Adobe have not resolved this.
              I am using a brand new Asus G75 which has the latest of all its drivers installed.
              It is a top of the line gaming machine.. You don't get a better pc than this so why isn't this working?
              My graphics are Nidia GeForce GTX660M and the pc says the latest drivers are installed..

              There are a couple of threads on this topic with no resolution
              1) http://forums.adobe.com/message/4711488
              2) http://forums.adobe.com/message/4640755

              > Filter - render - lighting effects..
              I never had this problem with Cs4.. since upgrading to cs6 it's an issue!

              I have the latest drivers so no idea what to try!

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                Level 7

                How do you expect Adobe to resolve out of date video card drivers that contained bugs?


                Please update your video card driver from the GPU maker's website, and follow their update instructions (so you don't have leftover bits of an old driver left around).

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                  skysimone11 Level 1


                  Thank you for replying.

                  There are very few settings you can alter.. I'm not sure which ones you suggested that I didn't try, but basically turning off the graphics acceleration disables 'lighting effects' as that only works in acceleration mode.

                  I did try 'normal' or 'basic' mode and both still crashed.

                  I have also tried loading the 32 bit mode of photoshop.. and while it takes longer to crash, it still crashes





                  I updated the drivers as the very latest drivers from the Nividia website which has NOT fixed the problem.

                  I have logged a support ticket with adobe AND with Nvidia.. hopefully somebody can help.




                  Nvidia Support


                  "Hello,Basically since getting this laptop (asus g75vw1) with this

                  graphics card My photoshop CS6 keeps crashing when I use the

                  lighting effects which are graphics accellerated.

                  I have posted on 'adobes' forum.. (you can see that post here


                  However everyone keeps saying when this issue occurs it's a

                  driver issue with the graphics card. I did have the previous

                  version of the driver, but have updated to the latest version

                  and the problem is still there.

                  As you can see from that adobe thread I've been doing a lot

                  of trouble shooting to no avail 

                  Everyone insists its a graphics card driver problem. Help"

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                  number for follow up: #120928-000268




                  This problem is not resolved for me

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                    The_Reveller Level 1

                    That was a very Trollish response from Adobe Staff. Software that costs hundreds of pounds should have more error resilience.


                    I have a newly installed copy of WIndows 8 with a brand new GTX 650 with latest drivers installed from Nvidia. This is a new problem introduced by Adobe in CS6 as it was working fine in CS4. Blaming users for the probem is a poor way to treat customers.

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                      The_Reveller Level 1

                      I seem to have this fixed, at least in my case.


                      I turned on Enable Open GL Drawing in Edit>Preferences>Performance

                      The clicked Advanced Settings and Forced Billinear Interpolation.


                      I don't know why these might have worked but Lighting effects are no longer crashing.

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                        Level 7

                        How can the application have resilience against crashing bugs in third party drivers?

                        (hint: it cannot)


                        Windows 8 drivers (from all vendors) have a number of known problems.

                        We are working with the GPU vendors and Microsoft of those issues.

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                          Level 7

                          OK, that gives us some additional clues about the nature of the problem with your NVidia driver.

                          I'll have to check and see if that is one of the issues we already know about, or if it is a new issue.

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            The_Reveller wrote:


                            Blaming users for the probem is a poor way to treat customers.


                            That's only valid if the user isn't actually to blame.


                            You're responsible for providing an environment on your computer that's up to the task of running Photoshop. 


                            And to think that "if it ran CS4 it should run CS6" is just naive.   Of course you can expect any new version to rely on new and additional functionality from the GPU, and the driver has to support it.  Some do, though you're not alone in having problems with the Windows 8 drivers...


                            You chose to upgrade to a brand new release of Windows...  Did you read about peoples' experiences with Windows 8 first?  Did you expect the driver writers at nVidia to get everything perfect right away? 


                            Knowledgeable professionals often wait until after Service Pack 1 is released for any Windows operating system before upgrading to it.  There's a reason for that.


                            There's also a reason Adobe puts in all those configurable options.  In this case you've found one that helps work around the driver problem.  THAT's what you're getting for those hundreds of pounds.



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                              yagneshl57030950 Level 1

                              Hey dan55530!

                              I too had the same problem. The Photoshop CC 2014 crashed when I open the flash light option inFfilter>Render>Lighting Effects

                              But i was able to get a temporary solution for the problem!

                              Go to c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop (this changes according to your version)

                              Navigate to Photoshop.exe

                              Right click and select Run with graphics processor and select the graphics processor on you device (Usually there are two, one is Intel's, and another a dedicated graphics processor like Nvidia)

                              Hope that helps you!

                              But Adobe should look for a fix to such a big issue, which is still evident in most recent versions...

                              Ps,I am using windows 8.1 64 bit version.. Hope my procedure is applicable for all computers