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    Files are getting unlinked in InDesign using Jungle Disk


      I am writing on behalf of our creative department who is split amongst several different geographic offices.  They have a set of creative assets they are wanting to share, so we set them up with Jungle Disk.  All of the users are on Macs, mostly 10.6 and 10.7.  We had a few users test it out for a month or so to make sure everything was working fine, and there were no issues.  Note that the InDesign projects stay on a local file server, but only the artistic assets are shared on Jungle Disk between the shared drives.


      Since they've gone live with the project and both teams are using it, they have had issues where the artistic files that are linked in InDesign are getting unlinked randomly.  The user can relink them together, but it's costing them time and productivity.  I can't necessarily reproduce the issue consistently.  It seems to happen randomly, but I can't figure out if it's increased volume of users on Jungle Disk or something else like an internet connectivity blip that causes them to get unlinked.  Unfortunately, we really don't have a better solution for sharing all of the files between all of the offices.  We contacted Jungle Disk on this several times but got a generic response about not supporting third party software, which is frustrating, because any software used to open files (notepad, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, etc) is a3rd party to Jungle Disk!


      Are there any known issues with InDesign in this kind of setup?

      Does anyone know if there are maybe some settings in InDesign that can handle these files better?