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    Need help with Animation issue

      i have been able to successfully create my gif animations using photoshop cs3. and then continue to import that gif file into fireworks into its own file, and preview it in the browser, to which it works as it is suppose to. my current issue, that i can't seem to find any information ANYWHERE for, is that i have an existing png web page that i am needing to drop the animation into. once i do this, i am unable to get the animation to respond or preview past the first frame? is there some sort of animation nesting feature that i am unaware of.

      i have tried:

      -clicking on the animation, "F8" to convert to animation

      -importing the animation first into its own file, then copy/paste into the pre-existing file.

      -importing directly into the pre-existing file

      [there are 16 frames in the animation, and the total size is around 116k, so it's not a large file]

      can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong with this animation? i would greatly appreciate it.
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          Open the frames panel in Fireworks and make sure you can see the frames of the animation. Having insured that, make sure you export the animation by going to FILE > IMAGE PREVIEW and selecting "Animated GIF" from the drop down. Make sure then that the exported file plays properly in Internet Explorer.

          If it still doesn't work at that point, report back here.