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    Text block not showing on screen in Indesign, but shows up on PDF of document.


      I am using InDesign 5.5 on a PC operating with System 7.  I have a multipage InDesign document that was working fine until today.  I copied and pasted a small block of text to a different location.  I couldn't see it after the paste, and tried again.  The program then quit working and shut down.  I reopened it, and the text block still couldn't be seen when I pasted it in the new location. 


      I exported a PDF, and the text from all 3 text blocks I pasted on the page was on the PDF, but still not able to be seen on the InDesign document.  Now, when I try to create a new text block, it disappears immediately.  (The box showing the location of the text block goes away.) 


      I have other InDesign documents open, and they seem to be working fine.  Any idea of what is causing the problem?