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    Photoshop CS6 type on a path and workpaths

    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

      Has any body else noticed that if you create a work path, then create a shape layer (say a rectangle) and type some text on the rectangle (text on a path)

      that if you commit the type and switch to the Path Selection Tool to edit the path text (position of the starting or end points) photoshop cs6 replaces your previous workpath with

      a workpath of the shape layer you typed on?


      Is photoshop cs6 supposed to work that way?


      Windows 8 x64 and photoshop 13.01


      new document a create a workpath





      create a rectangle shape layer and type on the rectangle shape layer path





      edit the type end or start points with the Path Selection Tool






      The orginal workpath has been replaced by the rectangle shape layer path


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