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    Issues with trapping a postscript file out of Indesign


      Normally 95% making a .ps file out of Indesign using 'application built in' trapping creates a great pdf once distilled, however occasionally the file will error while producing the .ps file.

      At the moment I am having trouble at RIP stage, I can get a final trapped PDF but can't RIP it in order to make plates in a prepress/printer environment.

      Often this occurs when the source file is quite complicated (vectorwise), occasionally I have font issues too, where the trap doesn't meet up where expected (converting to paths fixes this).


      Is anyone aware of the limitations of Indesign trapping or any work arounds for these sorts of issues?

      Has anyone else come across this too?




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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Creating PDF via distillation of PostScript is a very archaic workflow by 21st century standards. And preseparated PDF workflows are really not recommended by Adobe or any other vendor of modern PDF workflow products. (The built-in trapping only is effective for output of separated PostScript for printing and not for PDF export!) The type of trapping you are attempting to use was most effective with simple CMYK-only content with no transparency.


          We most strongly recommend that you export PDF, preferably as PDF/X-4, and then either use automatic in-RIP trapping (often with improved Adobe trapping technology found in RIP products using the Adobe PDF Print Engine) or third party products that can perform trapping on color-managed PDF files with live transparency.


                    - Dov