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    My CS5 Premiere Pro won't play videos when I press my spacebar


      I cannot play my videos .when my spacebar is pressed


      Here's my system overview:Model Name:     MacBook Pro Model Identifier:     MacBookPro6,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed:     2.4 GHz Number Of Processors:     1 Total Number Of Cores:     2 L2 Cache (per core):     256 KB L3 Cache:     3 MB Memory:     4 GB Processor Interconnect Speed:     4.8 GT/s.


      I am using the Premiere Pro CS5 NLE (with the 5.0.4 updates), and I have tried to reinstall the software (which is actually the Production Premium package) several times, but I still cannot use the spacebar (or any method) to play any of my imported videos.


      PLEASE HELP in any way you can!


      Prior to having to replace my hard drive, my software was working just fine. No problems at all. But now, it seems that I can't get it to play whatever type of file I import.


      Again, I am a newbie to the Mac, so any and all correctional/repair assistance needs to be expalined as if I were a child :  )


      I would hate to try to revert to considering the sophmoric Final Cut Pro X editing software package, but I've got to do something to be able to get back to my editing activities.