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    drop cap rule question

    r_tist Level 1

      In book layouts, what if the first character on the new chapter page body copy is a quotation mark vs. a letter? - I'm guessing that I apply the drop cap style/technique to both. Visually, it seems to look pretty good. But what is the rule of thumb in this case?



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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is a convention cited in various style guides that in such a case

          the opening quote is omitted. Best of luck getting that past your

          editors. I've never managed to. Visually it's probably the best solution.


          Instead, I reduce the opening quote till almost regular text size and

          then baseline-shift it upwards so that it sits in a visually acceptable

          spot. Some kerning may also be necessary.


          For me, it rarely works to set it at full drop-cap size. I suppose it

          might depending on the typeface.




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            Michael Gianino Level 4

            Or you could kick the can down the road and rewrite the sentence to move the quote to the inner part of the sentence.

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              r_tist Level 1

              Yes, I reduced the quote size to about the ordinary text size and baseline shifted it. It looks professional. Thanks for the advice!