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    How can I find all locked layers (visible or not) and then Unlock All at once?

    RanzenhausDesign Level 1

      OK, for anyone who cares here's the scenario.


      I was on a tight deadline. I got a massively layered, -- nested folders everything --  .psd

      I'm using Photoshop CS 5.5


      I only needed the visible layers.  So, I go to "Delete Hidden Layers" right? Ooops it was grayed out, I could not use it -- Ahhh that was because of the locked layers...

      No problem. Ugh wait.


      Then I realized -- in the complicated layer structure I had to go through every single folder, open it, look for a locked layer and unlock it (nested folders inside of nested folders etc.). If the layer was not visible and it was locked, I had to first turn it to visible, then unlock it, and then turn it off again.


      Aaaarrggghhh I was on a deadline, and I just didn't have time -- but I had to do it anyway.

      This was a painful experience... I'm telling designers from now on NEVER SEND ME A PSD WITH LOCKED LAYERS AGAIN


      It would have been so much easier if I could just search for "locked layers", and "unlock all."


      Does anyone know of a solution? Probably something I should have known years ago, or maybe a feature request?