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    Browse Files On Server

      I want to allow the user to select a file from a group of XML files located on the server. I know Flex supports browsing the clients file system but is there anyway to do the same thing on the server side?
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          You could populate a list or combobox control with the files on the server and then have the user select a file to download, or perhaps you could even use a tree to represent files and sub-folders, then users could sort of navigate the file structure on the server. But I don't think you can pop-up an "Open" dialog box against the server, though I could be wrong.
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            EdLaFave Level 1
            I now realize my post was to vague to get the answer I require, let me give it another shot.

            I want to use Action Script to examine a directory on the server (which directory is determined at runtime) and extract the names of the files in that directory. My current workaround is to write a method in a Java class that returns the names of the files in a directory and use a RemoteObject in ActionScript to invoke this method. I'm not sure how computationally expensive this is but I figure if it were done directly in ActionScript it would have to be more efficient. Any ideas or suggestions?