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    Loading server data into SQLite

    megharajdeepak Level 1

      Hello there,

      I was trying to load the server data into iPad app by using SQLite, so that data is available for the users when they are offline as well.

      When I load the app for the first time, I am connecting to the actual database and getting the data using remoteObject, which takes about 4 seconds to give around 30000 rows.


      Once I have this array of data, I am creating a database, a table and inserting all these rows by looping the sql insert statement! And to insert 50 rows, it's taking about 5.5 seconds on an average. So for 30,000 rows it would take almost 1 hour! And I need to insert around 500,000 rows and it's going to take very long long time for that!


      Is there any other way in which I can copy my remoteObject's result data directly into SQLite table, without looping it?